Help a begginer out please. I'd like to trade for what little I have


I started yo-yoing about a month ago, n im past the “begginer” section on YYE, so im looking to get an advanced yo-yo. I’ve posted one earlier, but this is a more professional and organized looking post. Here is what I have:
Music Gear:
Guitar parts(neck, body, pick-ups, etc.)-offer for what you want
Guitar case(padded Les Paul/Strat style)-$35 OBO
Digi Tech Hot Head distortion pedal-40 OBO
Guitar cables(I have a lot of them)-10 each OBO
DJ Hero 1 for the Wii(in box, includes turn table as well)
Pokemon Diamond-20 OBO
Custom Xbox 360 Remote(buttons light up, brand new joy sticks and D-pad)-80 OBO
Red circus Diablo- offer

I need a metal yo-yo that requires a bind to return it, please make your offer. I’m easy to trade with. I’m looking for beaters(I’d like them not to have vibe. but i’m really not picky at all). This one of those WILL TAKE ANYTHING type threads. will give pictures if requested.


Just wondering. What yoyo have you been using up to this point?


a yoyofactory one w/ DVD and a duncan flying squirrel. is there anything that your interested in?


updated with prices as suggested. ;D


Is your guitar case hardshell?


Its a soft padded case(this is his older brother)

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Wondering for all of us ,
Are you only looking to trade?
Or Also buy Yoyos?
[Using Paypal/Methods]


At your level, I would definetly not recommend an all metal yoyo. You will ding it up, and it will have massive vibe which you will hate. Metals are great, but for you, look for a protostar, northstar, or counter attack. These yoyosetups are more suited for your skill level, are unresponsive, and are my personal favorite yyf yoyos. They spin incredibly long, are super stable, but most of all, they are extremely durable. I’ve banged up my protostar more times than I can count. Doing 5a, I even dropped it down a flight of stairs. It still is vibe free and plays better than a good amount of my metals. Also one last thing, a protostar will only run you about 30 bucks, compared to most metals which price at about 50-150 bucks. You save money and get an amazing yoyo. It can’t get much better than that.


^This is mostly true, but I wouldn’t rule out a metal yoyo. If you really want a metal, then go for it. But, keep in mind that plastic yoyos can be good, and can be even better than metals in some ways.


cough YYF JK cough


you should buy a Dv888, I guarantee you won’t regret it.


This is very true. I have both a YYF Starlite (resembles a protostar) and it is amazing, and it comes stock with a Center-trak bearing which really helps and a DM II. I’m at the point where I can do “and whut,” “hourglass,” “revolutions” and many other advanced tricks with it. I’ve also banged it A LOT and it shows barely any sign of damage. The only things that I can’t really do with it are grinds. But my DMII can do all of the above. The only real difference is that if it hits something, it will scar the metal. So I recomend both the YYF Starlite ($24) and the YYJ Dark Magic II ($40). Good luck yoyoing!


What happened to the Maverick i gave you?


if yo get a dv888 than buy a difeyo kk bearing for it it is totaly worth the extra 15-20$


he still uses it. this is a rather old post that some one commented on and it was brought back up to the top

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