offer up

i wanna see what i can get for these guys and who knows u might leave with one of em
first picture is of my duncan hugo z hor damageis right there the 2 tiny little pinpricks other than that it is minty.
next 2 pics is of my general yo hatrick has 3 scuffs barely can see but they are there in the pics
next pick is my whole collection
from left to right (mostly looking for trades but we can talk money)
peter fish luminator loopers half spec bearings 20 shipped together
special edition cut some scratches barely visible 85 shipped
red/blue hatrick 80 shipped
red dna mirror polished rims 100 shipped
blue duncan hugo zhor 70 shipped
pyro light 100 shipped (mint)
peter fish originator mint 10 shipped
beater dark magic 20 shipped
black beysick only one scuff pics later missing silicone will silicone if asked 50 shipped without sili 55 with sili
satined sb first run bassolope mint 70 shipped
black 888x shadow saitined mint 85 shipped
new breed mint 30 shipped
my mighty flea original mint 40 shipped
speeder mint with sili on one side 35 shipped
beater pgm some scuffs modded and took of hubstacks and post so it cant be hubstacked even if attempted plays as good as my new breed now ;D 25 shipped
hayabusa mint 18 shipped

MINT yyf metals and YYJ metals
general yo 5 star
just offer
yyj hybrid
anything non metal

more pics comin up

plz go to my exibition forum for pics because i cant load em up right now

pm me for pics cant load em up for some reason