WANTS A ROCKSTAR 2012 AND OR Catalyst anycolor!! will trade any of the below

Mint Transclucent red Darkmagic 2
Mint Black Spinfaktor x $40
mint Green Spinfaktor HG
Mint yellow kickside
mint Black kicksid
mint orange bolt siliconed and clean bearing
Mint Sanded Bolt Siliconed and Centertrac bearing(amazing)
Black dark magic 1 has a couple scuffs on the rims, doesnt affect the play at all
Gold w/ Black Splash(custom paint job) SB Dv888 small scuff on rim nothin noticeable
Mint Red LB Dv888 DXL version
Raw Shinwoo zen 5
blue Protostar
green spinfaktor HG discontinued version
red mini motrixx needs a silicone job :smiley: