FS: Some Mostly Lower End Throws CHEAP


I never use these throws anymore so here they are.

PICS ===> http://picasaweb.google.com/101081824365719032861/YoYoPics#

  1. White w/ Orange Side Caps Duncan 2010 Freehand 2. Set up with 1 Sili Sticker and a mostly clean bearing. A mark/nick or two, but nothing major. Play normally. $7

  2. Blue Duncan 2010 Freehand 2. Same as above except maybe like 1 or 2 more marks. Also plays normally. $5

  3. Blue/Raw Silver Duncan Metal Drifter. Same set up as the 2010 Freehand 2’s. Has like 4 or 5 small dings. Has a small trace of vibe. $8

  4. Red Pocket Pros Zombie. Siliconed. 3 small pricks in it. Again, a little amount of vibe. NO BEARING. FREE with any other yoyo.

  5. Gold Yomega Dash. Yeah its pretty much a beater. NO BEARING. Has O-rings in the gap now. I can also probably have it come with the blue rubber pads if wanted. $5

  6. Green YoYoJam Mini Mo-Tu. Has some dings, scratches, etc. I don’t know this for sure, but the seam between the metal and plastic doesn’t seem as smooth as it once was. So, I don’t know if Has CBC pads in it. NO BEARING. $6

  7. White YoYoFactory PGM v2. The arrows don’t line up because I took the hubstacks off one time and messed up the alignment or something. Can probably be fixed. Hubstacks work. Has a good amount of scratches on it. $12

  8. Edge Glow YoYoFactory Protostar. Arrows are a bit worn off. They kinda don’t align perfectly but it you just tighten it a little more then you’re good. Has a good amount of vibe to it. Also, the pads stick out a bit cause there is some small amounts of silicone in the gap under the pads. $12



How bad is the vibe on the protostar?

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