Selling Stuff! Blue GM2, Dingo, More!

Hey guys, got some stuff I am going to sell. The previous offers on them did not work out, so, here you go!
On offer throws, I will keep everyone updated on the offers so you all know what is going on. Offer updates are posted in my bumps!

Again, I want you to really like your new throw. If you felt I was inaccurate and the yo-yo was in poorer condition than what I described, send it back. I’ll cover shipping for that.

NOTE: I may start to place a base price on the offer yo-yos. I realize it says offer, but some of the offers I have gotten seem a little bit low to me. Perhaps it’s just me. All I want to say is to please offer something honest. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Drum roll…or not:

Magenta with Lime Green Splash!: a unusual predicament. The yo-yo is minty, but has hit my carpet hard once. It now has a dull wobble, similiar to my Hulk Peak, but my Hulk Peak came with that vibe. Nothing to really worry about! Offer on this guy. This is a VERY rare Peak (1/20ish) and one of the first Peaks made by CLYW as a production run. Here’s your chance! Update: forgot to say, because it is an earlier Peak, it does have anno flaws. One is near the middle of the outside of the yo-yo that reveals raw metal, the others look like dark green splashes instead of light green, but they are on the inside of the yo-yo. None if this can be felt of affects play in any way.
Hulk Peak: one tiny white mark on the rim plus some blemishes that look purple (haha). So, this thing looks brand new aside from the white mark, IMHO. Offer please!

Eetsit: okay, here is a good one! Has two small dings on the white half plus a scuff (that looks kinda neat IMHO, as far as scuffs go). As it is an older throw, there are signs on wear on the halves (parts where the anno become off-white or off-brown?, some black dots, tiny little penetrations through the anno that are smooth to the touch). $135
Blue Grind Machine 2: I know relatively little about this guy. He’s blue and plays nicely. Scuffs around the edges that are smooth to the touch plus some tiny wobble felt mainly when holding the hubstacks. $90
Brown Dingo: yay! Australia! On one half, three tiny scuffs on the front rim, one the other, two dots that reveal raw metal. $40
Atmosphere: heavy thing. One shallow but big scratch on one half and a smaller version of the former somewhere else. $30

And the modder section! YUS! Cheap stuff!
Stargazer Halves (V1): two halves with many scuffs and dings from 3A. Blue side is dead. DOES NOT HOLD TOGETHER. Good only for those willing to fix it up or practice on it. $35
2009 G5: severely beat throw with many dings and scuffs from 3A plus a hefty amount of wobble to boot. Want a ghastly beater? Get this guy! $45

Alrighty! That’s all I am selling now. For all to see, the updated offers will be in my bumps. All who have offered will get personal updates.

Here’s my wants list in no particular order (a.k.a. trump-card list):
Stargazer V1 (any color)
28S Peak 2nd Run
Sebby Peak
Any cool/painted Peak
Envy 64 (Not Flaw to Love)
Any older YYF: Grind Mutant 2, older G5’s, etc. NOT 888’s or Superstars

If your offer is not on the list that I have above, just know that there is a low chance that I will bite. You may go ahead, just know that I may more than likely decline.

YUS! Pics!

For my wants, I strongly prefer them to be mint. I’m kinda strange okay? ;D
Thanks for looking guys!

Not really a bump because it is right after I posted.

Updated offers:
Magenta Peak: $120
Hulk Peak: $90
Eetsit: $130


Offer on Eetsit fell through! No offers currently on this throw!
Hulk: $90
Magenta: $120

Would u trade me a peak preferably magenta lime for a gnarwhal?


Magenta: $120
Eetsit now has a price!
Hulk: $105

Im very interested in your dingo will but for 37.99$ i really need a yoyo had a one drop and sold it cause i needed the money and then i bought a dark magic and its broken


Both Peaks gone!