Selling my collection

Hi, these are yoyos. These yoyos are for sale. I don’t want trades, at all. No trades. Not sure you read that, No trades. Oh what the hell, I know you can’t read anyway.
No trades No trades No trades No trades No trades No trades No trades
No trades
No trades
No trades

Ok, now that I’ve got that covered (even though I’ll still probably get a few trade offers from blind people)


-Tiny pin prick on green rim, hardly noticeable, doesn’t effect play
-Smoothest, best playing Bape I’ve ever thrown, and I’ve thrown a lot.
-$150 or best offer

-This is a very sentimental yoyo to me, got it at my very first contest almost 4 years ago from Mark Allen, who got it from Sebastian Brock.
-Obviously it’s gotten it’s fair share of use, it’s dinged and scratched to the max
-Plays no different than a brand new eetsit right out of the box

-Purple w/ blue splash
-One ding, doesn’t effect play
-My favorite CLYW, they really nailed it on this one

Raw Peak
-Was originally gold w/ black splash, but then completely polished.
-Plays extremely well, great yoyo
-One small ding

Painted Peak
-It’s got the same design as the very first run painted peaks, instead of blue mountain on white yoyo, it’s a white mountain on a green yoyo.
-Gotten it’s fair share of play time, got it directly from Joe Wilson
-Paint chips galore, still looks amazing nonetheless
-My favorite peak, hard to let it go

-Newest run w/ the curvier shape
-Black w/ purple acid colorway
-Straight from Adam Brewster, got some dings, but plays true and smooth

-Another very sentimental yoyo for me, got it from a friend who went to ECC right when they were released years ago, and got it sent to me. I have so many memories with it with other friends, and even though we’ve trashed this thing beyond belief (hello 100ft launches in the air), it plays like it did when I first got it…smooth and everything. Don’t ask me why, but it does.
-Purple/Green 1st run

Shark VS Zombie Beaver ed. Bear VS Man
-One tiny mark on blue side, took me about 5 examinations to notice, took forever to capture it on camera.
-Best playing Bear VS Man I’ve ever thrown, seriously hard to let this go

Duncan Hugo Z Hor
-Mint condition
-Won by Chris Fraser at Indy States 2010
-Navy Blue in color

Yomega Dash
-Won it at MER, Plays great for a yomega

-Blue/Purple Acid Wash

The money I get from these yoyos will go further towards new camera equipment for myself including a dvx, new macbook pro, and some more lenses for my T2i.

Might have more. I’ll update this accordingly. I’d prefer not to be PMed for messages. If you want to make an offer please send me an e-mail at Thanks,

<3 <3 <3
Aron Bendet

will u be accepting trades? haha


There’s a link in my first post.