FS-My Whole Collection! BIG PICTURE WARNING!

Hey guys. I haven’t been on here in a while, and I really kindof dropped yoyoing. I still do it every once in a while, and I can still do my favorite tricks and what not, but I was never that good to start with anyways. :stuck_out_tongue: I decided to sell some of my throws that I dont want/use anymore. Im keeping my EJ Peak, and something, else, I forgot. :-[

I think I figured out PayPal too (finally! ;D) so thats how I will accept payment.
As soon as they finish getting uploaded to imgur ill hook the pics up here! http://mattm14.imgur.com/yoyos
Ill up with pics here tomorrow or Sunday. They are big. REALLY big. So just follow the link and find them there. I dont want to slow down this page because of 30+ monster pics.

None of these prices are set in stone! I dont remember the price of most of them when i bought them, so its just a price that I feel is about right, but dont be scared to negotiate. :slight_smile:
I think id be able to sell them all for about $520 but once again, not set in stone.

One Drop MarkMont.Next
Nickel Plated, classy throw, 1 mark and Im not even sure how it got it. It doesnt affect play in anyway. Smooth, an all time favorite throw. http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/Smileys/default/void0-12.gif $65

String Theory Remnant 2
A stunning cherry red color, no marks, but something happened with the bearing. It was honestly the smoothest throw I had ever used until the bearing just quit on me. It might need a cleaning or something, I dont know. Dont ask me to clean it either, because I always sucked at that. :stuck_out_tongue: $70

Yomerica Spindustries Planet 9
Deep black anno, really cool logo, a couple small marks and a vibe that was normal as far as I can remember on first runs. I love the feel of the anno, its also really floaty. $55

Yoyo Factory Chaotic
Red and black acid wash, first run I believe, smooth as it gets, kinda heavy and slow on the string, but I love it. Great throw, a few marks from where i dropped it on a basketball court, but it doesnt affect play in the least. $50

Raw One Drop Project 2
What can I say? Its raw, vibes, but Im sure it can be fixed by some tuning. It doesnt have a bearing in it atm, and I can polish it up a little before I ship it out to you. I put new silicone pads in it about 3 months ago, and then never used it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Offer. Ive heard Raw P2s are rare, and Ive never seen another one. But at the same time I have no idea what its worth.

Turns out its a modder fodder one, and the rims arent like production models, and thats what is causing the vibe. Just offer on it.

Throw Down Yoyos Luchador
No bearing on it atm, It didnt really work with any bearing I tried, it was always responsive. Im sure someone whos good with maintenence could fix it up all nice and easy. Its blue and silver, really beautiful yoyo. Didnt play with it all that much though. I dont know what this is worth either. Hit me up, but Im not gonna go lower then 45.

Duncan Free Hand Zero (Modded)
I think Landon Balk did this one, Its just a sili recess, but It plays great. Red with black caps. Does $20 sound about right?

YoyoJam Hitman Pro
Trans Red with Black caps, its really nice, and I like it, it just felt like the one at worlds was so much more… Solid.http://http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/Smileys/default/void0-2.gif Ive hardly used it, so $30

Yoyofactory Hectic
Blue and Black, a couple small marks, again, the bearing died on me. It was awesome, great pocket throw, smooth and just about as good of a pocket throw as you can get. $35

General Yo Ministar (B grade)
Just about the only pocket throw I like more then the Hectic. Seriously, I dont know what the flaw is on this one. Its just about perfect. A deep red with the DXL battle championships logo on one side, and the Star on the other. One of the Smoothest throws I own. $45

Yoyo Factory Dv888
Grey, I recently put green pads in, THE darn BEARING DIED AGAIN. But it was smooth while the bearing was nice. http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/Smileys/default/void0-2.gif $35

YoyoFactory Plastic Grind Machine (PGM)
Blue and Yellow, smooth on the string, but I took the stacks out for a reason. They vibrated like a cellphone. Im not sure I even have the bearings for them anyways. I like it alot though, without the stacks its really floaty. No marks that I put on it. There are a few factory imperfections, but nothing that affects play. $15

Duncan Metal Drifter
Blue and silver, No marks, one pad in, one pad out. Really smooth for a 20 dollar throw. I used to use it quite often to hone some tricks. $10

YoyoJam Speeder
Oh the memorieshttp://http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/Smileys/default/void0-12.gif My first real yoyo, but amazingly, no marks on it. I dont have a bearing in it, but if I remember right it has a small vibe typical to older YYJs. Only one cap. $15
YoyoJam Dark Magic
I got this one the exact same day as my Speeder. My favorite throw of all time, although I totally screwed up a sili job on it. Its beat to heck and back. I can throw it in with any deal, besides the PGM, FHZ, Metal Drifter, or Speeder. I would love it if anyone would fix it up and send me pics of it. I would probably offer to buy it back from you too.

YoyoJam Kickside
Its purple, mint, has both caps and is a hybrid. Not much to say about it. Doesnt have a bearing. $8

Modder Fodder Hubstacked Dingo
Its raw in the rims, with a satin on the body. I cant remember who did the mod. I think It was Chris Rice (sorry if I got the name wrong. I just remember that it was the guy who makes Ricestacks. :-[ ) It has a small vibe due to the stacks, but plays great imo. Really pretty throw. No idea on pricing here. I was thinking around 35-45 but I seriously dont have a clue.

Thats everything. If you want to make a deal on the Peak, go ahead, but its got to be out of this world tbh. If the prices seem a little high, tell me! Hit me up with a pm with your pricings, I dont care. http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/Smileys/default/emot-slick.gif


I would trade them all for a used macbook air or pro though. ::slight_smile:

Hit me up!! http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/Smileys/default/emot-slick.gif

If feedback is an issue, I have 6 more on YoyoNation under the name matt M :smiley:

Again, about 550 for them all!

Metal Drifter-$10
SuperNova Lite-$70

bump for that Packers W.

PM has been sent

54 is gone!

Im looking for about 550 for all of them, but just offer.


I have a 1st run red Skyline in very good condition, and I’d be interested in some of your throws.

I don’t live in the US - if you can ship international please shoot me a PM.