I Have some yoyos for sale to help me pay for my photography classes in January!

Not looking to trade this time around unless you have a Bapezilla!

PM me for more pictures!
All Prices include paypal fees and shipping is 5$ or free if you buy 3 or more.
I am also opened to offers, the worst I can do is say no!
I will respond faster by email. Jakobronaldaustin@gmail.com

1st row left to right
YoyoJam (BLUE)Big Yo- Some marks, nothing that effects the play 14$
YYF Shutter( Purple and silver acid wash)- One small scuff does not effect play 34$
YYF Nine Dragons ( Red, white, and blue acid wash)- Mint. 63$
YYF GFUNK (Blue acid wash)- 3 small scratches does not effect play 45$

2nd row
YYJ Theory ( Blue body green caps)- This is my favorite throw i own 4. Some marks on it but does effect play at all. crazy solid throw. 40$
YYJ Trigger (Black)- Small marks does not effect play 35$
Gsquared Nessie ( Grey with purple splatter)- There are some marks but do not effect play 50$
Dif E Yo Bare bones( One half copper and red annoed acid wash/ one half green and light green acid wash)- has a few small scuffs but does not effect play. 60$

3rd Row
Werrd Rhinoplasty( Purple)- Few small scuffs 45$
Recess First Base ( Yellow)- Mint with responsive bearing 12$
One Drop 1st run Project 2 (Green)- Has some scuffs and marks from tons of play. Bought it brand new and have had it ever since. This is the throw that got me into 5a. Still plays amazing. 65$