FS/FT: YYF, OD, Werrd, Dif E Yo LF Sherpa

All these throws have been collecting dust for awhile and I would love for them to go to a good home!
Prefer Venmo or PayPal ( Add 2$ for fees)
If you want more pictures just ask!

YYF: Mighty Flea- near mint condition (will come with all the string I have for it) 26$ Shipped
YYF: Nine Dragons - great shape, few scuffs doesn’t effect play 36$shipped
YYF: Boss- near mint 26$ Shipped
YYF: Replay- great shape 16$ Shipped
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YYJ: Fiesta- pretty dinged up but plays like a beast. I have to many of them 16$ Shipped
YYJ: Big Yo2 - Scuffed up still plays great 16$ Shipped
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Base Camp Expedition- few small makes, great shape 41$ Shipped
Clyw Yeti- bearing needs to be cleaned otherwise a small scuff and great shape 26$ Shipped
One Drop: Prescription- Awesome throw, near mint 46$ Shipped
New pictures

YYF: Alex Garcia Loop 900s near mint
YYF: Yuuksta : small dings, needs new response pads 31$ Shipped
YYF: Popstar -few dings, doesn’t effect play 16$ Shipped
One Drop M1: both rims have dings and bearing could use a cleaning 31$ Shipped
Werrd: rhinoplasty - few small knicks doesn’t effect play (small bearing) 36$ Shipped
Duncan: FH2 one is transparent black and the other has zombie caps. Both near mint 16$ Shipped (for both)
Yomerica Spindestries : Planet 9, not sure if these ever fully made it to the market. Has some dings and scuff and small bit of vibe 26$ Shipped
Dif E Yo: Bare Dones 41$ Shipped


Don’t see pics of project or prescription

There’s a scuff from counter weight play and a small scratch. But doesn’t effect play

Could only post one picture at a time.

what’s that massive blue one?

It’s a YoYojam BigYo 2!

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How much you looking to get for your prescription

40 plus shipping would be ideal!

how much you selling the mighty flea for?

Make an offer!!

Haven’t really seen mighty fleas on bst so i’m not really sure what a fair price would be so what would you be willing to do?

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dif-e-yo bare bones i think?

That what I thought! I just couldn’t remember lol

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What yoyo is the dark green one? last picture posted in the thread.

A one drop prescription!