Irony vs. Irony JP

Need help deciding on the Irony or Irony JP. How are they different? I like yoyos that are large, light, fast, and good at horizontal.

Irony JP kills the regular Irony.

Irony JP was made with input from the Japanese yoyo community resulting in more rim weight and a change to 7075 aluminium. It’s way more stable than than the regular Irony.

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The irony defines everything you said. its large, light, fast and kills horizontal.
i have not tried the JP

Sorry Modman10! I accentely used his account cause he is my brother and we never log out.

It doesn’t matter who posted it, the message still stands.

No point in unnecessary comments stating your mistake; no one really cares. And then people like me have to post further comments that don’t relate to the topic.

never tried the jp, but my irony is most likely the best performing yoyo I’ve tried. it was made to be a competition throw, and it lives up to it’s purpose. If they were able to somehow improve it, I’d be amazed.

The Irony JP is like an Irony that’s jacked up on steroids.

It blows the Irony out of the water. It blows most YYRs out of the water. It Is ridiculous for competition. Super stable, super quick, smooth, and it is an amazing grinder.

My JP should be here on monday or tuesday, looking forward to it!