Arctic Circle Or Irony JP

I’m thinking of getting one of these yoyos but I don’t know which one. Can Someone lost the pros and cons of each? Thanks!

I have both, and can tell you this:
Irony JP:
More stable
Longer spinning
Plays faster

A tad more floaty
Probably better at grinds (i dont grind much)

They’re both awsome throws, though as a competition throw, the Irony JP is hands down the winner. No doubt. The JP is a monstrous thing with its 58 mm diameter. It is also blistering fast, if you like something more medium speed the AC is probably the thing for you.
Hope this helps!

This is apples to oranges. The ac is mid sized, while the jp is oversized. Both are amazing, just different preferences.

Good luck!

what do you like? since you used the phenom if you liked it you would love the jp they dont play similar but its size wont be off putting to you if you are more in to steady techy stuff and dont want too much speed get a ac can’t go wrong with either

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The Irony JP is incredible at grinds.

1 con for jp incredibly small axel

Small axle isn’t a huge issue unless you’re constantly unscrewing the yoyo.


I’ve never tried the Arctic Circle, but I can tell you that the Irony JP is very, very solid and plays wonderfully. Its specs make it seem huge, but once you get used to it, the size is pretty natural.

exluding small axle its very wonderful throw but imo the gba is just as good just not as durable as the jp

Save yourself the trouble and get the Arctic Circle.

i dont know what to get. I want the Arctic Circle for some reason but i feel like the JP fits my needs a little better. Help

I’d get the Irony JP.

I haven’t tried the Irony JP, but the AC (the lighter run) is hands down the best competition throw of CLYW, the best of everything they’ve made

That’s a big call!


I want to agree with this, though I haven’t tried a Cliff or Puffin yet.

Until i might get my Puffin in the future, judging from the profiles the Cliff seems like a big competitor of the AC in term of performance. The Puffin, however, seems like a really fun throw to play, not saying like it’s bad though

In terms of performance I much prefer the Irony JP.

I felt the JP was way ahead of the GBA. They look quite similar but play noticeably different.

Irony JP. It’s basically YYR. They received input from Japanese companies during the entire design process. And it shows.