Thoughts on the Arctic Circle.

I’m sure there has already been a topic about this but oooh well. This ones MINE. And NO this isn’t another “Let’s overhype the Arctic Circle” Thread. Just looking for opinions.

I was just wondering what the general consensus is on the Arctic Circle.
I’ve hear alot of: “Plays like a Chief and Avalanche mixed together”. I would have to disagree. It plays so much different than anything i have tried. I just bought mine off of someone on the BST and paid a lot for it, but i think it was worth it. A totally unique yoyo.
I can think of two verbs to perfectly sum up it’s play;
“fast” and “Solid”.
It’s size is a bit of a departure from the CLYW trend which is larger full size throws which is nice. It almost feels smaller than 54mms in your hand. It also is blasted AND Pyramatted, which is pretty friggin’ sweet. Like Sniffy said, It has the smooth grinding of a blast, but the sparkle of One drop’s pyramatte. Pretty awesome.
Anyways, I know that my money was well spent, i was just wondering what everyone else thought of theirs.

I haven’t gotten one yet but one hesitation I have is the gap width (4.05). Seems kinda narrow? Almost makes me wanna wait for a Chief or get a Code2 which has that 4.85mm gap.

Right now I’m rockin a OD 54 with its 4.34 gap…I also have a lot of experience with the Canvas, Northstar and dv888 and I have to admit I find the 4.67 gap on the dv888 a bit intriguing…

Rewind yoyo store still has some chiefs in stock if youre willing to pay a few extra dollars for shipping.

I LOVE mine. The gap thing is all in your head, I can hit the gap on my Duncan Imperial. The Arctic Circle is so stable. Spins like one would expect a CLYW. As everybody says it is something you don’t need but why wouldn’t you want one. I am hooked. Gotta go getting grief for writing a love letter about my AC.

The AC with its gap has made me a more focused player. Yesterday after playing only the AC for review for a while I noticed it improved my play on more forgiving throws. It’s really a nice player, so smooth, it’s a pleasure just to watch it spin.

I posted my updated review notes under the unboxing vid here:
@Sniffyo on twitter

You will see that when you say solid and stable both Sniffy’s review notes and my review here,43917.0.html agree that you are 100% correct. The design is just at that spot that works and works well.

And I’m with Sniffy, this thing is just an absolute pleasure to play and own!

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Fast and Solid aren’t verbs, bro.

Good review, though, thanks for the info.

It’s not a review, you would know that if you actually read it instead of giving me a lesson in English. But you are correct there. I meant to edit it and say “adjectives” but i wasn’t too worried about offending anyone’s delicate grammar sensibilities.
Oops, you caught me.
I should have said “it is a fast and Solid yoyo” since technically an adjective is used to qualify a noun.
Sue me.

Curious if you (and anyone else) are having the same experience where after playing the AC with its need for precision for say a week straight, if you found your play generally better when going back to something more forgiving, like the code 2. That is my experience. I’m definitely more aware of my body and string position.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Yes I definetely noticed a change in my playing. I realize that I have been subconsciously adjusting my technique with the Arctic circle, and it’s need for precision. Now whenever I pick up my Chief or Code 2 again its like riding a bike with training wheels. My accuracy has vastly improved and I’ve only had the Arctic Circle a few days.

Cool. Me too.

I’ll be doing the review vid tomorrow.
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Scratch that. review tomorrow, not today.
@Sniffyo on twitter

I LOVE CLYW. I have just about every yoyo they have ever made.

With the new increase in prices and the general acceleration with which CLYW models are coming to market, I think that it is prudent to inject a bit of clarity into this the CLYW hype machine.

Many of these comments mirror those that were made about the Sasquatch: “The Sasquatch is a great Spinner - but you have to be precise…”

This is code for - nice yoyo, but the moment the string hits the wall - it is tilt-city. That is why we got the Avalanche. That was the Sasquatch done right. No narrow-gap on a large diameter yoyo to catch the string and tilt the yoyo.

I got my Arctic circle today. Honestly, I cannot see what this yoyo brings to the CLYW table in terms of play. It does not have the spin-time of the Chief, it is not much smaller in diameter, so its smaller size is of relatively little importance in terms of play and its narrow gap makes it prone to string-hits that lead to tilt. …It is heavier than the Chief so that is different.

While the Gnarwhal and the Sasquatch were the same yoyo just different sizes; they each brought a unique quality of play despite their similar shapes. This smaller version of the Chief is not superior to the Chief in any respect that I can feel. And it plays remarkably like the Chief - just typically, not as long.

If you want a yoyo that plays like the Chief; costs the same as a Chief - but has less spin-time and is prone to tilt -then this is the CLYW for you. Or; you could just buy a Chief.

PS. Sorry CLYW - If you are going to hit me up for $145 twice in 6 months, then there has to be a value proposition. The Chief was a ground breaking yoyo. The Arctic Circle just does not bring anything new to the table for me.

I ordered mine on Sunday and I’m pretty excited for it. It will be my first CLYW (other then the Campfire which is more of a pocket throw but still very fun). I got the Pekka edition. I will get it on July 11 for my birthday. I’ll post what I think about it once I receive it.

I’ve just been playing my new 28s for about 2 hours and I think it might just be my favorite CLYW. I recently sold a light run Chief, which was reigning champ, but the AC is really doing it for me.

While I agree that it does seem to tilt a little prematurely, I didn’t feel like the Chief was quite as “sharp”. When the AC hits the string, it hits solid and quick, when I loop string for a bind, the AC just catches immediately and rockets back. It usually feels like it’s doing what I think it should be doing. The light run Chief was just ultimately that little bit too floaty and slow for me, and I would describe the AC as certainly heavier on the string, but also faster. I also love how it feels coming out of the hand. While I don’t think it means anything in particular, it’s one of those that seems like it really generates a lot of power off the throw. I always like that quality.

This doesn’t make it my favorite throw of all time though. Just still probably my favorite CLYW.

Granted, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I will have to respectfully disagree on several points.
While the AC does require quite a bit more precision, i think it more than makes up for it in power, (like stookie said), it has incredible spin power. You just have to be more precise in your strings hits. It has plenty of spin time for me provided I’m not slopping through my combos. I find a Centertrac works best for me here.
While the Chief is a big, wide, and relatively forgiving yoyo, the AC is not. But that doesn’t make it any less of a performer, and it regens beautifully. Nothing makes me happier than a nice smooth regeneration.
After having this guy and couple weeks and letting that new yoyo “shine” wear off, I can confidently say it’s a keeper.
I think alot of people approached the AC with preconceived notions of what the play will be like: “oh its just an Avalanche with an inner ring” and that has somewhat skewed their perspective on it.
After two weeks, I still maintain that it plays like nothing else I’ve tried. I paid above retail for mine and am not disappointed.
And speaking of the Sasquatch, it still holds the crown for me as the best CLYW to date. Iam sure many people will disagree with me but that’s just fine. There’s just something about its big, clunkiness that i love. While my avalanche gets almost as much play, it’s lacking in an area that’s hard to define for me. It’s just feels a little too light and hollow in comparison to the Sass. As I said before, I just love the sasquatch.
In any event, every single one of my Caribou’s provide a very unique play experience.
Darn good yoyos.

I just got my cryo ac this morning and have been throwin it the majority of the day. I didnt know what to expect from it except I knew it would be too quality. First, as everyone else has said, precision is the key with this throw. It is definitely makin me be more precise. It is so stable and purrs like a kitten. Feels amazing weight and size wise and well keep you focused for a long time. Yes you have to be on with ur string hits but when you are, itll spin forever. And Ive even been using the big toxic bg on it. It also looks amazing and the grinds are insane. As for play, I dont think it resembles any other yoyo let alone clyw throw. It has its own uniqueness that I feel cant be substituted. Dont get me wrong, my chief is my number one but the ac is quickly becoming a serious contender. Go get one!

Actually the gap widths on all of our throws are the same … it is the placement of the pads that was changed.

Previously our response grooves were 0.080" which is too shallow for our pads, but worked fine for flowable silicone.

So for the Chief I made them 0.090" which ended up being a little too deep and a lot of our team members asked to change it. So I made them 0.085" with the Arctic Circle. All future throws will have 0.085" deep grooves. Which allow the pads to be flush right off the bat. So as they wear you’ll still get good binds. They might be a little grippy at the start for some people, and I apologize for that … BUT it goes away pretty quick with play.

You can always add Center Trac or Grooved Bearings or Concave bearings … they do wonderful things in a CLYW.


No need to apologize for anything, at all, you did something very innovative in designing the AC.

The elements that some people complain about actually have made me a more aware player, more aware of my string angle at all times and body position.

Once I realized I was too relaxed into a bit of sloppiness, and once I rose to meet the standards the AC was asking of me, the AC performed great and spins forever, and has really had a positive effect on my play with other throws.
@Sniffyo on twitter

Anyone else get one of the lighter ones and have anything to say about comparing the two? I’m starting to build opinions but the new weight has really thrown me for a loop ::slight_smile: