Arctic Circle Review Notes on Sniffy


I just posted the first wave of my review notes at:
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Having acclimated to the arctic circle after throwing mostly larger yoyos recently, I can say my mind is officially blown.
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Great review. I am waiting for a yogi Arctic circle in the mail. Can’t wait to try it and I liked the comparisons you did to other yoyos as far as feel. I have both the enigma (which has a special feel to me and if that feel is in the Arctic circle I’m a happy man. Also about getting your throws down right like with the markmont. At first I almost hated the markmont for that reason but like u said it takes practice to get it down right and now I throw itbperfect every time so it did make me a overall stronger player. Keep up the good work. Love seeing the new reviews.


Thanks very much. Now that I’m used to it it’s really solid and most definitely has made me a more conscious player.
I’ll be interested in your experience with it as well.
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I’ve updated my review notes to include impressions after playing for a while and breaking in the response.
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Glad to hear that someone else was just as amazed as I was when first playing the AC. It’s a different breed of yoyo and I was honestly shocked at the level of quality. The hype Chris receives for his throws is definitely well deserved.


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Any news on when your review video will be up?


I just added my final review notes to the blog in prep for doing the review video this afternoon.
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Nice! I can’t wait to see it. Thanks


Cool. Thanks very much. I’m getting the setup set up to start the video.
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Can’t wait! I am really interested in this one. I don’t know if I should get this or wait for the new run of chiefs. Your reviews always help me make decisions on throws so hopefully I can decide which one to get.


That’s really nice. Thanks.
I don’t have a chief so won’t be doing a comparison. I’m really impressed with the AC itself though.
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Your welcome! And I think I will try to get an AC because a lot of what you talk about in your review notes is what I am looking for. Most specifically the part about how it made you a better player and requires more attention for a great throw.


Cool. I think you will like it. Clyw did something pretty special, very clever engineering.
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Thanks, and excellent review by the way!


Hey, thanks very much.
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I love your work, keep it up, and by the way will you be at worlds?


Thanks a lot.
I won’t be there.
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So after playing the A.C for a couple weeks I gotta say… WOW! I love it out of all my clyw (well maybe not the marmot, I just love that) this one gets picked every time. The size is great and the catch zone monsterous. Its hard for me to pin point. What I love but I know I love this. I buy a lot of over sized throws and I got my share of under sized but my fsvrire of all are yoyos that fall smack down in the middle. Clyw is taking over every size and putting some lumber Jack flavor in the mix. Arctic circle= awesome mid size yoyo