Arctic Circle help!!!

In order to buy a 145 buck yoyo, I guess I have to get some insight. Is it a good yoyo? Does it have good sleep time? What kind of play style does it fit? Is it worth the dough? Thanks.

Yes it’s a good yoyo. I don’t think there’s such thing as a bad yoyo, especially not something over $100.
Please never ask if it has a good sleep time. In the hands of a beginner, maybe 30 seconds. In the hands of a pro, probably 10+ minutes.

Have you ready any of the numerous reviews people have done on the arctic circle? Including one by sniffy-yo?

For 145 bucks, it’s hard NOT to get a good yoyo. I personally, did not like my AC at first, but it has grown on me. Felt slow at first, but I love the smooth feeling and how relaxed it plays.

The Cliff intrigues me first though, and I would pick up a YYR instead.

Get one now. Buttery smooth, super stable, great spin times, and it feels great in the hand. It is absolutely worth the money. The AC tends to play at a medium speed. It plays with more momentum than float but the float is still present.

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