Arctic Circle 2 thoughts?

Hey guys,

So I was thinking of picking up the new arctic circle when it is released and was wondering if you had any thoughts on it. I had the first one, but sold it a while back. I heard the new AC has some bad vibe.

It’s awesome. Get it.

do you have one?

All yoyos are hand tested before being shipped out. They shouldn’t have vibe.

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I have one it’s my favorite throw, heavy on the string but not too heavy , fast but not too fast, versatile , anything you throw at it, it can handle its perfect deffinetly a must have


that is good news. I heard a few people who got some from the first run say that they were pretty vibey, and my friends is a little vibey as well. I’m not extremely picky but I was just curious. Thanks!

All the ones I’ve tried including my own had vibe.

Other than that, I really like my AC2. Feels like a perfected avalanche/summit.


Any other opinions?

Mine was smooth as could be. Other than that my thoughts are that it’s a really nice yoyo just like every CLYW product, and pretty much every product on the market these days.

Is the AC2 floaty or solid?

i have a fire blizzard from the 1st run. no vibe what so ever

Anyone buying one tomorrow?

in the middle it feels floaty but has some weight to it on the string it’s the perfect combination


Personally I think it feels really light. I like it and it plays well but I generally prefer yo-yos with a bit more heft.

jack rabbit.

Are the AC2’s going on sale tomorow at 10pm EST? I have not seen anything listed here. Other then it mentioned on the CLWY blog I have not seen any site mentioned that they will be on sale tomorrow.

They are supposed to be.

They just posted a new page on here for the AC2 but no mention of release date/time yet. All of the pics/stats/description are up. ;D

I originally wanted to buy one, but $155! Is it worth the dough? I don’t have a CLYW throw yet (although I have a Summit on the way, I guess that counts for half).

Tomorrow night.