ProDIGY vs CLYW artic circle

hello, im frank and i consider myself an intermediate, ive been yoyoing about a month now and im planning on buying a more professional yoyo. the yo-yo i currently own is a magic yoyo shadow t8. i find it really good for the price i paid but its taken some hits and stuff. ive been looking at 2 yoyos specifically and i really like both the YOMEGA Prodigy and the CLYW artic circle. there is a price gab between both but if you guys can tell me more about them and your own thought on either or would be great.

I haven’t played the ProDIGY, but if you’re considering the Arctic Circle, I’d rally for the Arctic Circle 2nd Expedition. I’ve played several of both and I felt the AC2 far surpassed the AC1.

I really pike my Prodigy, the best yoyo I own.

As far as performance goes, it does, but I enjoy the feel of the AC1 better than that of the AC2. It’s more unique and flowy and has more character. I love them both though.

Both are machined by onedrop so they’ll be just as smooth. What you’re paying for is a difference in design. Personally I’d say get a valor since it’s from onedrop itself and machined from 7075. Of the 2 you mentioned though I found the prodigy to be very bland and boring although it could do everything I wanted and more.

I personally never thrown prodigy and do own an ac2. You definitely can’t go wrong with the ac2.its a perfect full size throw, great weight and distribution, it feels perfect in the hand, the finish is smooth and clyw does have one of the best finishes on their throws. It’s also, plays fast if you’d like, but can still play steady and smooth as well. I also feel that it has a good amount of float to it too. Plus, the ac2 spins forever and has virtually no vibe (of course depending on how you throw).

The ac2 is one of my go to yoyos and it’s one that I will never part ways with.

Hope this helps and please keep us updated with what you decide to go with! :slight_smile:

havent played a prodigy.
the ac2 is flawless at everything but horizontal


You’re only one month in and you already want an AC2?! Well it is a good yoyo. You know how to bind right?

Yeah that’s a pretty big jump haha. As long as you don’t mind dinging a 150 dollar yoyo be my guest I guess.