Arctic Circle???

Isn’t this a huge yoyo? Isn’t it like wider and bigger than dark magic? Or it just looks gigantic, because I want a yoyo that’s 55 diameter but not huge giantor solar eclipse sized thing haha Is bigger slower and
More stable? Please tell me about it based on specs compare it please!!

Out of context, it’s impossible to tell from photos how big or small a yoyo is.
The DM2 is like 56.13mm in diameter, so just a tiny bit larger. It is wider than the DM2. It is lighter. It should play stable, bigger catch area and bit a bit faster than the DM2, but that’s just speculation.

I’m going to try to get one as soon as they drop. I really like the CLYW products.

Regarding other CLYW’s:
The Arctic Circle I think incorporates the Avalanche, Chief and Canvas elements. I like the Avalanche. I like the Chief. The Canvas, while stable and spinning amazing, just felt lacking in some areas for me. It’s like they took a Peak, then removed the center spike and hence that center weight. It’s a great yoyo, but I like both my Avalanche and my Chief(and even my 2 Peaks MUCH better) I’ll probably give it some more time later on.

I’d really like to hear thoughts When this yoyo comes out, and if possible a picture of the yoyo in your hand would tell me just how big it is

I picked up one at WCR it plays basically how it looks somewhere between a canvas ava and a chief

Is it good? Is it any better than any of those and does it feel too big?? Thanks


A yoyo that’s a cross between a Canvas, Avalanche, and Chief and you’re asking if it’s any good…

And ‘how big it feels’ is completely subjective. I think Chris said the AC would be 56mm in diameter. Whereas an Avalanche is ~55.5mm and a Chief is ~56.5mm.

Sounds like a great yoyo to me. I’ll definitely be picking one up. Though I’m not sure how much I like the $125-$165 price range…There better be some good 1st run colorways.

Basically how I feel about it. Check their blog, they have some colorways posted.

I already see some colorways I like for the Arctic Circle, so the only thing that will prevent me from getting one is it selling out too fast.

Ahh yes. I forgot they posted some. Thanks.

Really the only colorways I’ll be going after (in order):

Berry Berry

Black BipBop

Though there’s a 99% chance I won’t be getting the BipBop. Why do BipBops have to be so expensive? :frowning:

I also don’t know what CLYW has against making Jack Rabbit a 1st run colorway.

They are expensive because Chris knows people will buy them anyway and allmost never complain about price, if you don’t want to pay that much then someone else will at the drop of a hat. It is a CLYW yoyo and that is all that is needed to justify the price. I love my chief but I traded for it, I just don’t have that much cash to drop anymore.

im going for yogi two. is there any way to make your yoyo even better than when it comes out of the box? like buying a konkave or something? or clyws are already top notch? Thanks

Bearings are a matter of preference. The best thing to do is no matter what, break in the bearing and the response pads, which you do through playing it. That’s the same advice for any yoyo anyways. Bearings are a matter of preference. I mostly play flats. I like flat bearings. Well, I do favor the gentle cut of a Terrapin X Wing Cut.

Some people feel the bearing they ship with aren’t all that great. They seem find to me.

As far as colorways I am interested, I’m looking at the Yogo, Solid Copper and Caribou Street colorways with Solid Cooper being a leader.

Its supposed to be out considering WCR was yesterday, so probably tommorow.