Arctic Circle


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First off, it won’t look like that in real life. Secondly, this is a piece of overpriced, overhyped junk! I know, it will be a great yoyo, but it is NOT worth what chris will charge. Please dont tell me why he charges, or rage about me saying junk, it will probably be a great yoyo. But when you could by like 4 of the C3 Di Base, Or 2 Genesis, it is not worth it. Or even if it is more then just one supernova, only CLYW better than the supernova is the chief sl;ightly. Please, dont argue my comment, it is all in my opinion, I value my hard earned money. Peace.

And sorry, but Arctic. Not artic.


That it is pretty disrespectful considering you probably haven’t even touched one of these.
I’m sure it will play fantastic like all of the CLYW yoyos before it and you should support Chris and Zach for loving the same thing that you do and producing things that are available to purchase.
The yoyo looks great.


Alright like I said I dont wanna start a fight. But paying more for a yoyo than a college book, inconceivable.

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Um. No.

Just my opinion.

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Agreed. It may be an amazing yo-yo, but it is definitely not worth what it will sell for. Especially when you can get a Genesis that will most likely play just as good, at a reasonable price.

It’s basically just overrated


Wow, this is quite the thread for "Thank You"s.

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yet not a single “you’re welcome”


Just saw these pics on their FB page …

anyone know specs or $ yet?

The price is from 135-165 depending on colorway
Diameter: 55.0mm (2.165")
Width: 43.5mm (1.713")
Weight: 67.5g

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They look really nice. I want one of them.

They have more color ways on the CLYW blog. I can’t wait to get one WOW!!!

All colorways:
(There is a couple more, but I couldn’t fit them. So here: (

You can convey your opinion without being rude and disrespectful. Calling it an overpriced, over hyped piece of junk is unnecessary, especially considering I doubt you’ve used or even seen one in person.
Your entitled to your opinion, but being a bit more classy in how you say it wouldn’t hurt.

That said, I’m looking forward to it. It will probably be a while before I actually buy one, but it’s definitely something I’m excited to try.

Chris lost my business awhile back after i read a series of his posts on another forum of WHY he was raising his prices (please dont respond to this with … Oh poor chris hes just trying to make a buck support his yoyo team blah blah blah etc.) THIS WAS NOT the reason he gave for his price increase. His prices are on par with Japan companies like Turning Point etc. difference is hes in Canada not Japan. As long as you guys keep paying those prices he will continue to sell them at that price point. I agree with other posts here I am not knocking Chirs product just his business methods and why he now sells his yoyos (in my opinon) at rediculous prices. The most obsurd method is selling differnt colorways at higher prices this is laughable (ITS THE SAME YOYO).

Anyhow just my opinon and as long as his prices stay where they are at i will not buy CLYW.


Looks like a Chief with no hubs… Whats the point?

its the body of a Avalanche with chiefs rims and the flat middle like a canvas. IMO, an Avalanche plays way different then a chief, so it does resemble a chief, but it wont play the same, kinda like how YYR’s look the same but pay differently. I have a feeling of how it will play, But I wont be picking one up anytime soon. The price is steep, and if you buy a 165 one with 5 shipping thats $170, just spend $15 more and get a YYR and get a SOLID player. I like it tho…


It’s a persons “choice” to support whichever company they want. That being said most of these posts have terrible misspellings in them (don’t point crooked fingers). I have had very little interactions with Chris. That being said he treated me well the FIRST time I dealt with him and responded quickly. I will buy a throw from him because of his dedication to the culture not economics. You choose how much you pay for your yoyos and if you are buying them because you think they will make you better your wrong. Most manufacturers don’t get paid like movie stars. Support who you think deserves YOUR money and provides a PRODUCT of your liking (this includes color). Thanks for reading and as a smart person once told me “if you can’t say something nice say nothing at all”. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM.

Hubs are ridiculously ugly and show lazy design work, also the shape is completely different. This is the best looking CLYW yet imo.

I’m just annoyed at the fact that people think a wooly marmot for example is worth wayyyy more than any other $120 throw! cmon just cause it’s clyw doesn’t mean it’s the greatest most valuable throw in the world.

Oh god this is the clyw revolution, just as the prophecy has foretold!

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