Code 2 vs. arctic circle

Going to buy one of these. Pros and cons would help a lot.

I’d suggest the 54 based on price and side effects.


Thanks ;D

Artic circle fore sure. I havent played anything more beatifully smooth and stable. Its like makin sweet love. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would go with the Arctic Circle as well. nothing like throwing a CLYW. Especially the AC.

Thanks you all! I’m going with the arctic circle! ;D

Great choice. You will LOVE it!

I have all 3, and keeping my thoughts strictly to these three… you really have apples, oranges and pears here…

In the end - I enjoy my Code 2, I’m glad I own an AC and it plays great… but in the end I always go back to one of my 54’s - it just feels right… :slight_smile:




Oh boy! The code 2 has passed the arctic circle :o

Ive never thrown a CLYW, let alone an AC, but between my 54 and Code 2, I will always reach for my Code 2.

The code 2 is an awesome throw as well. I play my ac and my code equally. Thats a tough call. Although the ac is much more smooth and stable, the code 2 is great as well. Either way, you cant loose.

I just got a arctic circle and it is EPIC ;D

Yes it is. Glad you got your hands on one. Itll be nearly impossible to put it down.

hands down the AC is my favorite yoyo I’ve played thus far, of around 20 high end. it’s seriously such a joy to throw.

Bump ;D

yes it is. I think its the most groundbreaking throw in a while. I have 7 clyws and lots of other high ends and nothing compares. Its just perfect.