Arctic Circle vs Chief

The title says it all.i just got a code 2 and I love it. I favor smoothness and stability over speed. I also don’t want a yoyo too big. I don’t favor any types of tricks but I want an all around yoyo. I also don’t know if this helps, but I have a code 2 and a superstar and my code 2 makes the superstar feel like nothing

Both yoyos will fill your needs! Find either, and get it!

Go with the Arctic Circle, I think if you like the Code 2 you’ll favour the AC

Agree. The shape is quite similar. However, I have heard that the arctic circle is not quite as stable as the chief. But that is not saying much, cause the chief is really stable. I would say go arctic circle, especially if you don’t want a big yoyo.

Chief is more floaty, AC is more solid

Both yoyo’s are amazing and you won’t be disappointed with either. I own a Chief so I’m biased but I’ve tried plenty of ACs.
Yes the Chief is more stable but only by a little, the weight rings are magic son! The Chief is definitely bigger and wider but I have big hands so I tend to like wide gaps. If you like em on the smaller side go with the AC but I think if you like Code 2’s you’ll enjoy a Chief. Or just get both ;D