Arctic Circle vs. CODE 2


I’ve narrowed down my choices to these two and I honestly can’t choose. Both seem to perform very well and look outstanding. Anyone know how they stack up against eachother?


I didn’t care for the AC. Though I’d love to try the lighter version. It was just a little too ‘compact’ for my tastes.

I’d go with the Code2. Cheaper, customizable with Side Effects, and an amazing player.

Not to say they both aren’t good though :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t go wrong with a Code2, though.


I have plaed both and I like the code2 much better.

The AC just was to heavy and “compact” (as LinksLegionaire used) is a perfect description of what it feels like.

Code2 is much cheaper and a better all around performer in my experiance.

(SR) #4

Code 2 is SO much better.


CODE2 all the way… I will say though I own a “lighter” AC and I love it!!! But for an all around better throw I prefer the CODE2…




CODE 2 is one of the best yoyos I’ve played.



Code 2!!!


5x the posts…calm down there, buddy.


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Yeah know code 2, imma let you finish and all but the arctic circle is the greatest yoyo of all time :wink: