Can anybody with both, compare the Arctic Circle to the Code 2?

Not the visual differences(inner AC ring… Code 2 can weight change, etc). If you put them right next to each other: they are almost the same exact width… the same diameter(close) and with the stock side effects, within a gram in weight. To me, they feel almost the same(almost) in the hand and on the throwdown.
What I would like to know from anybody that owns both, is what they feel: is similar(besides the obvious) and what they feel is different.
I am not asking for a Final conclusion on Which is Superior. I just want to know how their ‘play’ ‘to you’ compares?

Thanks from Mo

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Don’t hate me for this, CLYW and OD are two of my fav companies, the only company i like more than those 2 is SPYY.

The AC is the CLYW version of the CODE 2 IMO. they play pretty much the exact same in terms of performance to me, if i closed my eyes and threw a CODE 2, then threw an AC, i wouldn’t be able to tell you which is which without opening my eyes. i like the CODE 2 better, ONLY because It’s side effects capable. The AC has better colorways IMO.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is mine.

The don’t feel similar to me. The Code 2 is much more Chief-like to me. It feels like a larger diameter throw in the hand, and it plays just a bit on the floaty and slower side.

The AC to me feels heavier and more solid on a throw. It feels like it comes out of the hand more powerfully, and it feels like it hits the hand harder on a return. During play I wouldn’t even consider using the word floaty. It’s inclined to be a little faster overall and hits the string with more authority.

For me, the Code 2 is more forgiving. Also, with the disc side effects, it’s even more forgiving.

The AC needs a better throw and forces you to improve your technique faster.

Both are great for competition. Just depends what you like.