Code 1 and Code 2 - Advantages/Disadvantages?

So yet another matchup I’ve stumbled upon is the OD Code 1 and Code 2.

I see nothing but positive feeback about them so I’ve grasped the fact that I will more than likely be satisfied with whichever I choose. However, I would like to hear from you guys, in terms of personal experience, the major things that set these two apart.

Having played several of each, I can tell you that from my experience, the Code1 plays and spins faster than the Code2. The Code1 is also has a shape which lets it sit in your hand perfectly.

Personally I like the Code1 more. The Code2’s base weight is too heavy for my tastes. Even with Ultralights it’s a tad too heavy.

But yeah, you’ll be happy with either. I’d say the major difference between the two is speed.

I have to agree, I like the Code 1 better. I love the weight, and how it plays with different side effects.

I will disagree with the previous 2 replies. I find the code 1 too light for my tastes. The GZR code 1 sounds perfect for me, because the shape is a little better IMO. The code 2 is a little heavier, but can still play nice and fast. The wide rims aid in arm and palm grinds as well. The shape, the proven v with flared (is that the word?) rims, is not as interesting as the code 1’s H, but it works. Did you ever try an avalanche or burnside? It feels like that kind of thing. You really cannot go wrong with either though. Pick the weight that you are most comfortable with!

Even though the names are similar, they’re completely different. The code 1 moves slower than the code 2, but is more stable. The code 2 is floatier while the code 1 is heavy.

I think you mixed them up.

I’ve been using my Supernova non-stop; what’s their comparison to it?

The Code 1 is funner and cooler. Code 2 is a bit too generic and boring for me–it’s a beast, no doubt, but it’s sort of, I dunno… but anyway, the Code 1 kicks ass too and is more enjoyable to throw. If I had to be stuck on an island with only one One Drop, the Code 1 would be it–and I’m a true One Drop fan.