OD CODE 1 vs. YYF Proton

I’ve been consistently going back and forth between these two. Both appeal to me in terms of specs and visually as well. I’ve heard lots of praise about both the Champions Series and One Drop. But I can’t quite seem to pick out which I’d enjoy more.

I currently have a YYF Supernova 2012 which I’ve been throwing for eight months and I’m looking for something a tad bit better. I can’t really say what I like in a yoyo, considering I haven’t gotten to use a decent variety.

It’s a really hard decision for me. I know One Drop comes out with quality products and I like the all-black scheme YYE has with the CODE 1, but I also like the shape and aqua color of the Proton.


Code 2 blows the Code 1 out of the water, while the Proton has TP blood in it, making it great too.

The Proton is faster, but not quite as stable, while the Code 2 is more stable, but slower.

However, I prefer the Code 2 for these three reasons:

1.Side Effects allow you to customize the weight.
2. It is a better grinder.
3. It is cheaper.

The Code 1 is better for horizontal than either, though.

Is the drop in stability from the CODE 1 to the Proton noticeable or is it not enough to make a huge difference?

It has been a while since I’ve played either, so I can’t compare their stability. I never compared the two except for horizontal.

I prefer the code1 out of the two you mentioned. Just my opinion though.

Just to stick my two pennies in, I own both of these throws and I really enjoy both. I actually prefer the Code 1 to the Code 2. However, in terms of pure play I have to give the edge to the Proton. I know people have said it’s not as stable, and I would agree with that, but in my opinion it is an excellent no-frills player for the price. I’m not saying it competes with its more expensive TP big brothers but in this price range it is an excellent quality throw. It will go lightening quick, will hop like crazy, and I think it grinds fine! The Code 1 is a more laid back and enjoyable throw, and yes it has side effects, but with whatever side effects you stick in it I don’t think you will achieve the pure performance of the proton. I will emphasize this is just my opinion. I guess one additional factor is size, and how the yoyo feels in terms of size. The proton feels much smaller to me. I guess this is a combination of the size and the shape. If this isn’t a problem for you then that’s fine. Hope this helps.