Code 1 vs Code 2

Which one do you like more? I personally like the code 2 better.
How about you?

This section is more for asking for help on a new throw to get, not as much asking for favorites, this should be moved to General Discussion. But i like the Code 1’s shape more, so I’m gonna go with Code 1.

I’ll be getting a Code 2 and a burnside in a couple of weeks. I do have a Code 1. Having played neither, I am going blind on the Burnside and Code 2, but both have been played by trusted sources so I’m positive I will enjoy both.

I need to get some side effects so I can play around with weights.

Next OD in sights: DANG!

I also have a 54, MMN and a Dietz. Debating a Cafe Racer…

It’s all about preferences. For me, it’s about preferences, options and variety. I like to mix it up.

I asked a mod where to put and they said here but if it needs to be moved ill let a mod do it

CODE2 easily

CODE 2 still has the honeymoon effect on it. Give it two months and it will be more even.