Burnside or Code 1

I really like OD yo’s. S far I have a Code 2, 54, Dietz, and a Toxic Hazmat ( which is not an OD but it is kinda made by them)

I want another OD and can’t decide beteween the Code 1 or the Burnside. I heard the burnside was very smooth like my Toxic . I haven’t heard much about the Code 1.

Any thoughts or recomendations welcomed

Both are amazing. I like the Code 1 better, but the Burnside is amazing. Look further, there’s tons of write-ups on the Code 1.

I have a HAZMAT on order and should arrive soon.

Your going to love the Hazmat, mine plays like glass!

OK After carefull consideration I figured I wanted some just a little slimmer than my Code 2 so I got a Code 1 maybe now I can hit double or nothing a little better…

Oh and if anyone was think of getting the last Burning Ember Code 1, don’t bother it’s mine! Woo Hoo! ;D