New Throw

I have 95 dollars should I get a burnside dietz code 2 or Dang I like smooth throws and have a albatross and genesis but want to try some new stuff

Good choices. I’m expecting a Burnside and a Code 2 to arrive an day now. I recently received a Dang and I have had a Dietz for a bit. The Albatross is equally awesome.

The Albatross is full sized, so if you’re into full sized, then the Burnside, Code 2 or Dang would be all good choices. If you want variety, the Dietz is really great in the undersized category.

All your choices are smooth. However, your budget is going to put you in the Burnside and Dietz category. It costs less because it doesn’t use side effects, which I don’t see as a negative. If you can spring another $5-15, you can get whatever you want from that list.

You may also wish to consider the Code 1 and 54. As per typical, it always comes down to preferences. For me, I’ve got 7 One Drops right now and the Code 2 and Burnside coming in give me 9 in total. I really can’t see how you can go wrong with One Drop from the perspective of quality and smooth. All I could say is if the yoyo you choose just isn’t a good fit for you, there’s nothing you can do about that.

Otherwise, if you can’t raise more than $95,

Yea I have the extra 10 bucks an u narrowed it down to the burnside and code 2 and I’m stumped

If you really want a new or different feel I would suggest the dietz, just because it is undersized and will have a different feel than all the other throws mentioned.

if you’re deciding between burnside and code 2, I have both, I would go code 2. Not because the burnside isn’t awesome in it’s own right, but because you can get into the world of side effects with the code 2 and play around with the weight.

I have a genesis and just got my code 2 yesterday and I love it! Its definitely a different feel but in a good way, I’m gonna try it with some ultra lights today! I say grab a code 2, especially while the special editions are in stock (That is if its still within your budget)