Burnside vs. Albatross vs. Hazmat

I need help deciding between Burnside, Albatross, and Hazmat. I like full size with maximum agility and stability with a decent width, grind finish, and good horizontal play. edit- I changed Code2 to Burnside because it needs to be in stock.

This is a tough one. I haven’t played the hazmat but have the other two throws and love both of them. Might have to give the edge to code2 for the inner grind surface and slightly wider catch area. The albatross is really smooth and stable. Also the albatross has a great finish and is slightly faster on the string.

If I had to pick, I would choose the Hazmat or the Albatross. The Hazmat because of it’s awesome Heavy Hitter like shape, and the albatross because of it’s update organic shape. It is really dependent on your preference of SE or not, size, weight, etc

The CODE2 had everything you wanted

Albatross for sure :3

The problem with a question like this is the hazmat just dropped so there are very few people out there that have tried one. However I have tried the hazmat and I don’t really think it was all that great. Nothing really special about it. Yeah it was smooth and comfortable to hold but if you already have some high quality throws then there’s nothing really NEW in store for you.

I decided on the Hazmat because it looked like the most suitable side effect throw.

Code2’s are in stock…