Code 2, Albatross, or Burnside

Started reading reviews and narrowed it down to this so torn though I know all of them are amazing but which one is best for me…I like oversized throws I do a lot of whips and slacks but also some tech stuff…I like something in between floaty and solid with good spin times and stability also a good grinder…which one is best for me? Thanks

If you prefer oversized, then the Sasquatch and Avalanche are for you. I normally like heavier but the Avalanche plays better for me than the Sasquatch. The Gnarwal uses the same design as the Ava and Sas, but is smaller. The Albatross also amazing but is midsized.

I have the ones I’ve mentioned. I like them. If I had to narrow it down, I’d have to say the Avalanche and Albatross are at the top of that short list. But any of them will satisfy your needs. I think the Avalanche and Sasquatch are what you’re looking for ideally, but maybe replace the bearing with a One Drop 10-Ball, Terrapin X Wing Cut Dry play or maybe some other bearing.

I’ve owned most of all of those throws and I recommend either the albatross or the avalanche. I did not like playing the sas, it just played weird. The Ava is a very light and floaty throw.

What’s what be some differences between the Ava and albatross also what is one better at that the other one isnt

They are different shapes and weights. It’s a matter of preferences. The Ava seems to have a bit more weight where it really needs it on the rims. The Albatross seems like it needs a bit more outer rim weight. Both can handle anything.

I have a gnarwhal and a Avalanche and they play completely different

the gnarwhal is fast and really smooth for tech
the avalanche is big and really powerful when it spins, it is also great at horizontal

Don’t think I can get a Ava…does anyone no when clyw is restocking them so it’s between. The sad albatross and code 2

I think that the Code2 is a CLYW Avalanche with Side-effects. Put them side by side. They are almost identical.

That said, I like my Avalanche more than my Code 2. If you can find an Avalanche - get it. If you can find a Gnarwhal - get them both. One is like a Porsche. The other - a Posche Cayenne. You have to have both.

Ok thanks do I have any other recommendations for that price

c3 master galaxy might be good if ur into super-wides

Can’t decide but I want to order a new throw before I go to virgina by next weekend

New albatross colors are coming out
Early this week.

Would that be the second run