One drop code 1, Clyw avalance or, Clyw Sasquatch

I need help deciding between the Code 1 Avalanche or the Sasquatch. Yoyos i have used before and liked are the duncan raptor,yyf protostar ,dv888 and the rec rev no. 9

perhaps a sasquatch?

Based on the fact you have a DV888 and protostar, it seems that you like the H shape. The Code 1 is H shaped and is amazing. So smooth. Plus you can change its weight and how it plays with the side effects. It can be slow, fast, light, heavy, anything. The Avalanche is really fast and the Sasquatch is slow. They have similar shape, but the Sasquatch weighs 1 gram more. The Sas is floatier and more stable.

The Code 1 rocks, all of em do, but the Code 1 has the H shape and can change how it plays. I say Code 1 because of this, and the YYE colorway is epic. Also LOOK AT THE DIETZ. it is awesomely good

Go Sasquatch. It sleeps longer and is more stable than both of the other choices.

They are all wonderful throws. Narrow it down by looking at the weight, shape, etc.

Thanks, I’m also trying to get into horizontal play. Can you tell me how each of handle horizontal

The Code 1 is great for horizontal play; I love it! I haven’t tried horizontal with my Sasquatch or Avalanche though. If you want an expert opinion though, don’t ask me. But the Super G is great for Horizontal. I love it! You should consider that.

They’re all great throws.

Pick one that looks the coolest.

I have a Sasquatch and it is smooth and sleeps longer than I need it to for most of my tricks!

Yeah it’s really amazing how much rim weight their is. As Zammy said,“It’s built to destroy things”

Thanks for all the advice. I think I’m going to end up saving my money for a while longer and get a code 1 and a Sasquatch

Which colour code 1 if you don’t mind me asking?

The sas is not floaty whoever said it was. It is a solid, stable powerhouse built for competition :wink:

CODE1 is lots of fun though. I just prefer the Sas.

And, if you like the Dv888, might I suggest the Nova? It’s the best undersized I’ve ever thrown, and I love mine.

Most likely yellow or green

;D cool! I’m waiting on a green one in the mail!