Sasquatch VS. Avalanche VS. Chief

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I have both the vkss and the shutter, both are on the heavier end of the spectrum. If you like heavy and stable the sasquatch is for you. I just got my avalanche yesterday and is a great player. It is a bit faster and more refined than the sasquatch. The chief is also a great throw and would be a great first clyw.

Based on what you like I would highly reccomend the sasquatch, it’s the most stable of the three and is heavy like your shutter and vkss. Don’t get me wrong, the other two throws are great but I think based on your current favorite throws that you will enjoy the sasquatch the most.

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Have you looked into the Gnarwhal 2, puffin 2, or wooly marmot 2? They’re all on the smaller side and excellent throws. I was personally not a fan of the sas or avalanche but the chief was excellent. I do agree that the avalanche might fit your preferences better though.

Yeah clyw Wooly Marmot 2 us great I love it.

Based on what your preferences are, Avalanche for sure! I just recently acquired one and in terms of stability, I think it def has what you are looking for in the super stable department.

The Chief and Sasq, while both great throws, aren’t really slightly smaller in my opinion, although they are both really stable.

I’m inclined to agree. Whilst none of them are really as small as you’re looking for, the Sasquatch is definately the most stable of the three from my experience.

This stability does come at the expense of speed, and it plays pretty solid which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Still, if you’re anything like me and like your yoyos on the solid side, then it’s a great choice. :slight_smile: