clyw sasquatch vs clyw avalanche fools gold


tell me why you picked what you picked


The avalanche is a lower price but the sasquatch spins longer and is more stable, you don’t hear much about the sasquatch from clyw…it seems kindof underrated even though it performs better than the ava. Also I know because I have both, and they are on my bst so maby you could take a look and we could make a deal.,33305.0.html


sas is out of stock btw


I’ve heard the Avalanche is the better version of the Sasquatch. But, we all have to keep in mind personal preferences do play a factor.

I’m out of money right now, otherwise I’d probably go try to buy your Sasquatch so I can compare with my Avalanche.

I think both are otherwise great yoyos.


I’ve owned a Sasquatch, and my current main throw is an Avalanche. I vote Avalanche, but it is really going to come down to how you like your yoyos to play

They are two very different yoyos, while the Sas is slow and solid, the Ava is faster and has a bit of float around the string. Stability really isn’t an issue, either, if you are considering one of these, your throw is probably good enough to not worry about that. I notice no problems with stability on my Ava, and I can bust out 1:15-1:30 combos on it. I personally agree with the crowd that claims the Avalanche is the Sasquatch done right.

Please don’t consider my opinion to be absolute truth, it’s just another take on this.

Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

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They both play around the same.
I own both of them.

I honeslty like the sasquatch i havent put it down since last week
Avalanche isnt as bad and comparing the size’s they both are around the same size.
Sasquatch is what i vote but you cant go wrong with any CLYW’s .