sasquatch vs. Avalanche


i just wanted to know wich is more smoother,stabler and has better performance rate




I have the avalanche and it feels and performs great and has been very stable. I am trying to get a Sasquatch, but lack of funding at the moment and lack of availability on BST has made it a bit harder than I would prefer to get one. I want one for comparison purposes as well as to have and to throw frequently.

It really comes down to personal preferences. I hear that the Sasquatch isn’t as stable as the Avalanche, but I personally would find that hard to believe based on my experiences with other CLYW yoyos.


I have had two avalanches, one fools gold ava and two sasquatches and I must say that the sas outplays the ava everytime. Even though the sas is heavier in weight it feels lighter than the avalanche. It spins ALOT longer and is more stable thanks to the added wieght.

Since that avalanche is pushed so much by CLYW the sasquatch does not get very much attention and it very underrated. Seriously, it is better. Don’t get me wrong the avalanche is a beast of a yoyo…but the sas is better, hehe.

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Clyw is great so get whichever one is available

i prefer the avalanche over the sasquatch but both are great players