CLYW Avalanche vs Sasquatch

hey guys i wanted one of the 2 yoyos i have listed but i dont know which one to get. I know its all kinda preference so please help me out here, also tell me why you chose the one you chose. thank you

plz help ???

do you heavy and big yoyos? The Sasquatch is better for my play style, but what about yours?

Their shapes are nearly identical. So you should make your decision based on weight preference. I have owned both and found the Sasquatch a little heavy for my taste. Also plays a bit slower. The Avalanche doesn’t play “fast” but it’s just right for me. I have since sold the Sasquatch but I still own the Avalanche.

I have both. I can go either way, but I like the Avalanche better. I think it’s lighter than the Sasquatch, and I normally like heavier.

However, some days I’ll just choose the Sasquatch.

Choose wisely!

Exactly my opinion. The ava takes the cake but I play the sasquatch just as much. Theyre both truly amazing players. Id like to grab one of those new run avas. Either way you go, you wont be dissapointed.