clyw sasquatch or avalanche?

I cant decide!!! ???

They are very similar in shape. Both equally as smooth.They are practically identical. Its just the Sasquatch is 1 gram heavier. Personally, I would go with the sasquatch because they have some new SWEET looking colorways

Also the avalanche is considerably faster than the sasquatch. That should help depending on your play style. Both are amazing though. If you can’t decide, get the one that looks the coolest.

There are THREE of these threads in help/recommendation


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I play quite fast and use alot of slacks, I heard the avalanche plays faster than the sasquatch. But i love the color for the sasq.

The avalanche does play a lot faster.

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I just got a 28s avalanche!!!

You’ll love it :slight_smile:

Lucky duck. Beautiful color. Since you play fast and like slacks it was really a toss up. The sas is floaty, avalanche fast. 

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