Avalanche or Sasquatch?

I dont play very fast and do more of combos that flow. And which one is better for regens? I love the shape of the sasquatch but have heard better about the avalanche. Help appreciated.

Bumpity bump bump bbbuuuuummmmmmpppp

I’d say an avlanche regens better, but I havent tried a sasquatch. They’re both great yoyos but i hear the sasquatch is a lot more solid.

Thanks but does abyone have more info on the sas.? And which one is more floaty? thanks ;D

The sas is more floaty.

For your style I would say the Sasquatch is the best choice. Not as zippy and light as the Avalanche and perfect for big body tricks or flowy combos like the ones you like. It can also handle 5a and fast tricks well.
You really can’t go wrong, but the Sasquatch just seems perfect for the tricks you like to do.

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Thanks dude. ;D