Chief vs Avalanche

Just seeing peoples opinions


Out of all the CLYW’s Canvas and Sasquatch
Avalanche is at the bottom with Gnarwhal for me

1A - Chief
5A - Avalanche

Really?? Personally I thought the Sasquatch wasn’t as good as all of the other CLYW’s I have tried. I just got an Avalanche, and that thing is amazing! I would put the Avalanche ahead, or tied with the Wooly Marmot. The Gnarwhal I thought played really well, but I’d put it a tad below the Avalanche. I haven’t tried a Chief, but I’ve heard great things. Also, I really want a Canvas, but I haven’t gotten to try that one either. Looks like the 2 most desirable CLYW’s are the Chief, and Canvas, so if that many people want them, it has to be good! Also, I watched a lot of reviews on them :smiley:

Chief all the way.

the Avalanche is an awesome throw, but the Chief is beastly.
at least mines are way more stable than my Ava and easier to handle if you’re trying horizontal tricks.

different throws though, the feeling was totally different. the Chief really feels easier to handle.

I have an Avalanche and I love it. I tried a Chief over the weekend. Oh man, what a smooth, amazing, stable throw. The protruding weight rings put additional weight in the middle of the yoyo, but since they protrude out, extends it to the outside part of the yoyo. This is part of what makes this yoyo amazingly stable. It feels like nothing on the string.

I want a Chief because it’s CLYW and they make amazing stuff. Now that I’ve played it, I must have it!!

I also played a Sasquatch too. Yet another I wanted, now one I also MUST have. I hae a Gnarwal, and I like it, but it’s the size and weight of the Sasquatch I like more as I typically like yoyos on the higher end of the full sized spectrum and 67+ grams. Of course, I have stuff all over the place in both sizes and weights and shapes.

I can’t wait to try a Canvas!

But to answer the original question: Gotta be a Chief. Serious.

I like my FG avalanche over the chief just a tad. The regular avalanche feels heavier than the FG version, go figure. The FG version is a tad lighter witch causes the vibe I think so that is why they were labled FG, still are better than the regular avalanche. I think I would lable it this…

No. 1 sasquatch and chief (sas is so underrated and it is better than the ava by far)
very close No. 2 FG avalanche
no. 3 Gnarwhal (I am not that fond of undersized but it is still very good)
no. 4 Regular avalanche
no. 5 BvM
no. 6 campfire

I have owned 3 gnarwhals, 2 avalanches, 2 FG avalanches, 3 sasquatches, 2 BvM, I have tried one campfire, and I do not own but i have ready access to a cheif (friend has one and I play it alot when I want).

The chief is by far the best with the marmot and avalanche close behind. I feel the Chief is honestly the best yoyo on the market!

Canvas is the best CLYW ever, but if those were my choices having both I would go with the avalanche. If your looking around and have time to track one down the Canvas or the Sasquatch are both better than the two you are asking about.

IMO, the best CLYWs are the Canvas, Chief, and Sasquatch. My Canvas is the smoothest CLYW I own, and it has some awesome, unique colorways. It also has an IGR, unlike the Sas or the Cheif. The Sasquatch sleeps the longest (just barely beats out the Cheif) but isn’t a fast player. The Cheif grinds the best, sleeps for a long time, is the best horizontal CLYW, and can easily be a fast or slow player (I have a second run). Overall, I’d say the Cheif is the best.