Favorite CLYW

These are all of the ones i could think of. If there are any more you can think of let me know and i will add it to the list. :wink:

I was actually thinking about this exact topic earlier today. I have, at one point or another, owned every CLYW except a Marmot. I loved Chiefs and Avalanches as soon as I laid my hands on them, but the Canvas always stood out to me for some reason.

I like how they’re less stable than the rest of the CLYW line, I guess haha. And mine makes a more pleasant sound while spinning than the rest of my CLYWs, if that makes any sense.

I already did one of these threads, but I made it “Best CLYW” so it did not turn out so well.
I have not tried one of the CLYW throws, so I do not know.
I want to get a Peak and a chief, from my post.

I’ve owned nearly all of them at some point. Can’t afford to own them all at one time however! The ones I have not traded away are The Avalanche and the Chief. I think the Chief plays a little better but my favorite is my first run Avalanche.


All play amazing, but the puffin makes you smile when you throw. I don’t know how, but it does!

Out of playing the Chief, Puffin and Bear Vs. Man, I can say that I like the Chief most.

Missed the wolly markmont, galactic goose, bassalope and the campfire. I like the gnarwhal!


Chief… With arctic circle second, gnarwhal third

I hate the Chief. Avalanche blew it out of the water.

Sorry everybody about the missed throws. Keep on voting. :wink:

I want to add my voice to LinksLegionaire’s post, I love the Canvas. So many of CLYW’s throws are enjoyable, but there is something magical about the canvas. It’s the one that makes me happiest.

I’m a big fan of the Chief :slight_smile:

Sasquatch and Canvas come on second and third I think.

Gnarwhal was my first and my favorite.

I guess nobody like the Chief.

The Canvas and Arctic Circle were tied for favorite. Which is weird, because they’re such different throws. I voted Canvas.

I love all my CLYW’s. marmot makes you be a little more precise. Chief is kinda like your first new car after only ever owning used ones. Arctic Circle refused to let me miss tricks. Avalanche plays exactly as its name suggests, fast and quite powerful. Lastly, the Puffin does tend to make me smile a lot when i throw it :wink: