Your Favorite CLYW yoyo

Hey guys, i was just wondering about your favorite CLYW. I know none of them are better than the other, but they are jus tdifferent, so which one is your favorite? Please explain why too.

you forgot the canvas and bassalope.

thanks i fixed it :wink:

come on you guys let me know about your favorite, i need more votes and answers to determine it :smiley:

Chief here. I have an avalanche, a gnarwhal, and a chief (lighter). And its tough between the ava and tbe chief but the chief takes it. But ive got an artic circle coming tomorrow so who knows, it could change. Ive also got my eye on a sadquatch. Heard theyre great as well.

Forgot to explain. The chief feels more stable. And even though its lighter, the larger size makes it feel better. I dunno. Whenever I throw my chief it just feels amazing. So stable and spins forever. The ava is awesome as well. I guess the chief just has a play all its own. Havent ever thrown anything better.

Thanks thats apparentely lots of peoples favorite too!

wow im suprised no one has voted peak yet :o