Favorite CLYW and Why


Hi just wondering what your Favorite CLYW’s are and why you like them.



because it’s the best.



The box art has a puffin eating a pizza. How can you not like that?!?!


My fav is the original BvM. Beastly spin times, deep igr for easily executable thumb grinds. It’s also not too big for tech and pretty narrow which makes it a little more difficult to make string hits on, like playing hard mode on Devil May Cry-I just love the challenge. Plus those old CLYW color ways on them are grrrreat!

(kclejeune) #5

The summit… It’s just an all around amazing yoyo, plus it has nice one drop touches.


What he said…


Avalanche, the consistency and balance of the heavens.


H5xchief because it very oversize, spins like a truck and made by two of my favorite company’s.



(SR) #11


Avalanche. Amazingggv

(Alex Fairhurst) #13

Gnarwhal has the perfect size and shape for me.


arctic circle all the way. it’s a stability king


Gnarwhal because the character is awesome and probably always is baconing sometime during the middle of the night. Also it is chillaxed and fun to throw. Haven’t tried any others and don’t have a huge desire to.


OG BVM because it’s undersized and fits in my hand comfortably


Puffin for obvious reasons :slight_smile:


I’ve only played a couple, but Chief because it’s smooth-playing, a little bi floaty, and handles the pace of any of my tricks with ease. Simply put, a very comfortable yoyo to throw.


Hate the avalanche… Sooo overrated…


Really? I can understand if people dislike something or think it has too much hype, but hate is a pretty string word. I’ve never played with a yoyo I hated (save the DreadnoughG or mighty flea, but those are definitely not for everyone). Other than that, I’ve liked every single yoyo I’ve tried, be it a Velocity, an Avalanche, a Triton or an Acrophobia. Heck, I even liked the Superwide. Maybe my preferences are just too broad…