best clyw?

what do you guys think is the best caribou lodge (including discontinued yoyos)? just wondering. thinkin about buyin a beater

Personally, I think the sqsquatch is the best. That’s just because it fits my ideal specifications of weight, shape, size. ect. It’s a really great throw, and regens like a boss. I’ve tried everything except a chief and that’s my fave. Coming in a close second is the avalanche. That’s only because I like the extra bit of weight the sasquatch affords.

Chief. Absolute perfection. I can’t find much anything wrong with it. It’s fast or slow, floaty, stable, smooth. Get it.

the Peak

Well, I currently have 3 clyw yoyos. For me, they’re my favorite ones. I have 2 peaks and an avalanche. They are my top players; my main throws. I love them.

I have 7 CLYW’s:
2nd Run Peak, small bearing Bassalope, Wooly Marmot, Campfire, BVM, Avalanche and gnarwal.

I find myself constantly throwing the gnarwal or the avalanche. Kinda depends on my mood. If I had to go with only one, I’d say the Avalanche just because I like the larger sized throws.

My Peak is too heavy for my tastes the way it plays.

The BVM is nice too, as is the small bearing bassalope.

The Campfire and Wooly are mint in the box and both are 28 Stories colorways. They just look too pretty for daily play, so I like to keep them safe in their boxes. Oh, they do get thrown, just not as much.

I’ve never tried a peak, sadly
but of what I have used, I’d have to say chief.

Sadly, I haven’t tried a chief yet. I’d even go as far as trading a sebby peak for one :o

Nobody I know in AK has one.

marmot or chief

What this guy said.



I need to get my hands on a chief. haha

I you are going to get a chief remember that the second run is a bit heavier so if that’s up your alley get a second run.

For what I have owned, I’ll rank my preferences of CLYW throws:

  1. Chief (hands down the best)
  2. Sasquatch (was my favorite before I threw the Chief)
  3. Avalanche (I was dissappointed at first since I didn’t like it better than my Sasquatch)
  4. Peak
  5. Wooly Marmot and Wooly Markmont
  6. Campfire

If I had to choose, which I wouldn’t want to, but if I had to, it’d be the Chief.