clyw yoyo

which one of these is the best I want to know becuse I was thinking about geting a caribou lodge yoyo

*CLYW *Summit

Is the avalanch any good ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Is it by CLYW? If it is, the answer is yes.

Change title please. Cly"w" would be better. Also there are tons of threads just like this one all over the place right now.


I changed it :slight_smile:

Lol no you didn’t. In the title it says “clwx yoyo”.

There is no best. It’s all down to preferences. Or in my case mood plays a factor as well.

I like the Chief. Still, I always seem to grab a Gnarwal or Avalanche. With a decent sized CLYW collection to choose from, I have sufficient variety to select from. All are fantastic, all are unique unto themselves.

ok I changed the title

[quote=“AGyoyo link=topic=68346.msg752158#msg752158 date=1383428562][quote author=Midlifeyoyoman,post:9,topic:60733”]
Lol no you didn’t. In the title it says “clwx yoyo”.

changed the title :slight_smile:

they are all metal right ???

I would recommend the chief i have for 8 months already and its plays so incredibly it is also very smooth

I always hear the Chief is a “Safe” recommendation. Hardly anyone dislikes it

Wrote again please because I put the count ack to 0 to ad in the mischief and glacier express

I’m also wondering Cliff vs Glacier Express. I wonder what the Chief is like…

Seriously, stop with the polls.

Also, what is a CLYW Mischief? Don’t you mean Chief?

I read on Ernest kahns yoyo card he is signiture series is the mischief and other people are voting for it

Mischief is just a colorway of the chief. I’m not trying to be mean but be a little more observant and a little less naive. You’ve posted like 10 or 15 of these polls and they are all relatively the same. Do a little research before you ask the rest of us for help. I myself am extremely naive but try to do as much research on the product before I harass the community with my questions. Not to say I’m perfect but it’s a much better alternqtive than hot you are currently doing.