Compare/Contrast CLYW Avalanche and Chief


So I have an Avalanche and really like how it plays. My question is: in what ways are avalanche and chief similar and different in the ways they play? I ask this because I’m interested in getting a chief. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Is your Avalanche the new lighter version or the older one? If so that will change the play. The newer Avalanche plays a bit different.

The Chief will be lighter and more well “floaty” or shall I say have more hangtime. The Avalanche in my hands is more stable than the Chief. The Chief is by no means unstable but the Avalanche is super stable!! They both have excellent spin time. They both can do side style play and they both can handle pretty much anything you throw at them.

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Id also add, the Chiefs second rim makes it nicer for regen tricks, and also for a more relaxed style

where as the Ava, is more speedy and better for fast tricks


I have owned multiples of both, in fact, i have 2 chiefs, a comeback avalanche, and an original avalanche as of right now. I’ve owned like 6 chiefs, and 4 avas, only 1 comeback though.

I am torn on which i will be using in my freestyle in 4 days. probably the ava.

They are completely different yoyo’s though, trying to compare and contrast them is like trying to compare and contrast an orange, to a monster truck.

If you already have the ava, get the Chief, you won’t be disappointed.

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For me, their about equally good. The Chief I’d say is more of a competition throw though.

You can’t go wrong with either, they are quite possibly two of the best throws I’ve ever used, besides my KLR’s.


The Avalanche is better for competition IMO. Longer spin times, stabler, and I believe better for horizontals. But the Chiefs aesthetics are killer.


And how do you all feel about the Gnarwhal compared to the Chief and Avalanche?


again, totally different from the chief, and fairly different from the ava.

The gnar’s shape is basically a smaller avalanche. doesn’t play like a smaller avalanche though.

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The Gnarwhal is like the lesser cousin so to speak. It’s still a great throw, but not designed for competition. More like a fun yoyo. That you just use. You know? haha


i respectfully disagree. I believe the Gnarwhal to be very competition ready. If i had not traded it, i would be using it Saturday in my freestyle. The Gnarwhal felt like it had so much power. it was really amazing to throw.


I think of the Ava (old version) Like CLYWs version of a Genesis, It has the heavy weight and it stable like none other. The Chief “feels” lighter, because of its weight placement. I have both, I like the Ava a little more, but the Chief is right up there.



4 days, you going to IL states?