Chief or Avalanche

Which do you guys prefer, the chief or avalanche and why?

Both. I have both. Enough said.

Both are in the sizes and weights I prefer. Tht Avalanch I have is a brown with blue Matterhorn, while my Chief is a 4th run Musket. The Chief is very smooth and in this case, not a good grinder, where the Ava is better for grinding. A friend has a 2nd Run Chief and his is a good grinder as it has a better textured surface.

Both are fantastic in their own unique ways. I can take either and have a great time.

As I’m heading out of town in a week, I’m restricting myself to whatever can fit in my YYE medium back and 2 holders on my belt loops. I’m fairly sure one of those two will make the cut!

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It depends on the type of yoyo’s you like and I guess what version of the Chief you get. The Avalanche is heavier and a more solid throw than the lighter Chiefs in my opinion. The chief has a very extreme shape I thought and I liked it a lot. In the end I still have my Avalanche and Traded my Chief!

My friend had the avalanch great throw. Before the chief came out I read many reviews that said the avalanch was clyw’s best yoyo. then the chief came outand many people considerd it the best yoyo of all time. I haven’t used it yet so I don’t know but they for sure are both great optios here is review on the avalanch:
hope this helps.

i have both also … and i pick up my chief more than my avalanche … its personal preference in the end of the day …

i have the 2nd run chief … which feels heavier than the avalanche … so i go with that