A New Full Sized Metal Yoyo

Hey guys, I want to buy a new full sized metal yoyo. I’m stuck with these 3 very different yoyos, An Avalanche, Solaris and Code 1. I want a floaty but stable, smooth, and it doesn’t tilt muchand I want to try some horizontal tricks too. I already have a yuuksta and I cover some of master tricks and some tricks in rethinkyoyo. So, what would you suggest?

When I think of floaty, stable, and great for horizontal, I think Code 1. I can’t stress how amazing they are. Plus you got grinding ability and an H shape. Go Code 1!

I’ve got an avalanche and a Code 1. Very different shapes and play. Of my CLYW models, , the Avalance is the biggest I currently have. I’m also looking to get a Sasquatch. But, I jut got it the Avalanche and I’m getting used to it. I’m liking it a lot

Then we get to the Code 1, which I’ve had for a bit, which makes the comparison a bit unfair due to more time put in. I really like the Code 1 a lot. It’s like all catch zone with rims. Just an amazing stable player. I like how it moves a lot.

I haven’t played a Solaris, so no comment there.

code 1.
I just got an avalanche, and it’s great. but I like the code 1 better.
never tried a solaris though.

Basically everyone that’s tried the Code1 loves it I think it’s a safe bet if it meets the shape you like. C=

I really need an info about solaris and I’m now liking the code 1 especially the YYE version, but still want to know abou solaris

I would rethink the CODE 1. It’s really great, but I would have to say I like the avalanche better. It’s not as floaty as the Code 1. I think it’s more comfortable and will not tilt for anything. I just think it moves around the string better than the CODE 1.

All three are amazing yoyos and you really can’t go wrong with either. They can hold up to any trick you throw at them. Just select the one that looks “best” to you (shape, specs, colorway) and you’ll be very pleased.

If I had to choose from the three, I’d say Avalanche.

The more I throw the recently acquired Avalanche I got, the more I like it. Then again, CLYW seems to have that affect on people with their throws and I can see why.

The main argument for the Code 1 might be that it might be a bit easier to get than an Avalanche if you’re insisting on the new route. BUt if you CAN get an Avalanche, well, it’s CLYW, get it!

But, here’s the thing. I have both, I like pretty much everything I throw a LOT. I am still preferring my Dark Magic II over everything, with the Code 1 being a second, a 2nd Run Peak being a third and the Avalanche rapidly taking the 4th position from a Coli Prototype.

Of your 3 choices, it’s a big investment, so to speak. You probably can’t afford to mess up. The Code 1 and Avalanche are great players. I just wish that you get the opportunity to try before you buy. I don’t know where you live, but if you’re near me, I’d gladly let you try my Code 1 and Avalanche.

Code 1. I just got one on a whim. It is a combination of aesthetic beauty and performance beast. You will not regret it.