new yoyo

What should i get a clyw avalanche or onedrop code1? please help

Any of them, they are both good, and don’t let anyone tell you one is better cause they obviously dont have a clue what they are talking about.
Both would be a fine choice and I like both.
Pick at random and youll be fine.

when i get stuck in situations like this i pick whichever one looks cooler :slight_smile:
in this my personal opinion is the code 1 looks cooler. i dont really like the avalanche colors.

also code 1 is a bit cheaper

Thanks that helps alot and i think im leaning more towards an avalanche because i love how smooth it is.

They’re both great yoyos. I prefer my avalanche, but that doesnt mean the code1 isn’t a phenomenal yoyo.

I have a Code 1 coming. I personally don’t care for the decoration scheme of the Avalance or the shape. I also have a Gnarwal coming in(that will need to be stripped and repainted) and am trying to acquire a BVM(again, will need to be repainted).

LOTS of good stuff to choose from.

Unfortunately, there’s lots of good stuff to choose from. You have to spend money to find what you do or don’t like, unless there’s a nearby yoyo club or group, in which hopefully members will let you try out their yoyos and they have stuff you’re interested in. Otherwise, just prepared for the fact that we will ALL make mistakes in choice and end up unloading that stuff in the B/S/T area.

As far as shape is concerned, I like nice simple, clean lines as much as possible and in solid colors. That’s what catches my eye. I like the shape used for the gnarwal and BVM, but not the colors. My attitude right now is “why overlook what might be a great throw due to how it’s decorated”, as I know a few places I can take the yoyo to get it repainted in a manner I would prefer.

You have the benefit of the side effects on the Code 1.

They are both great throws. Buy both of them.

IMO, I’d go for the Code 1. To this day its my favorite throw.