Avalanche vs onedrop code 2

I have done my research on the two yoyos i think are best to get for my B-day. Now its in your hands to decide which i should get.

What r ur preferences? For me I’d pick the avalanche.

personal opinions are fine i dont really have a specific preference im at the stage when im trying different brands out.

Code 2

Those two particular YoYo’s are pretty darned close in both size & weight, and price.
I throw them both frequently, and can find nothing negative to say about either of them.

I would however point out that the Code 2 utilizes the Side Effects system which allows you to tweak the weight just a bit to suit your preference. For that reason alone I would tell you to try out the Code 2 first.

Though I must say that the Avalanche is probably my favorite Caribou Lodge YoYo behind the Chief.
If you love the shape of the Avalanche, but want just a little more weight, since it doesn’t utilize the Side Effects system, try throwing the Sasquatch. Pretty much the same shape but about 2 grams heavier. Absolutely awesome YoYo as well.

Either way, you can not go wrong with either choice.