code1 solaris or avalanche???????????

which should I choose :slight_smile: (Please vote)

What are your preferences?

I really like the H shape I dont care about grinds so that doesnt matter

Do you prefer heavier throws ?
The Avalanche is definitely feels much heavier than the CODE1

yeah I like heavier but cant you make the code1 heavier with different axle systems

Yes you can, and the CODE1 is a solid throw. The versatility of OneDrop’s new axle system is amazing, I can’t get enough of it.

Avalanche isn’t heavy at all.

Why not get them both?
Each one is a great yoyo and quite different from the other. I have both and would not trade either.

Maybe he can’t afford to get more than one.

I think my comment was to indicate that they were both comparable on their own merits :slight_smile:

For me it is :slight_smile:

well heavy is subjective. But I know many people will consider it’s weight average.

I am on the same boat. I was about to post with the exact subject lol. I normally play YYF yoys, I really like my superstar. I dont like too heavy ( like my old genesis (sterling quinn edition) ). I like my new breed and protostar also.

I really want to venture out of YYF and try one of these three. Code1 seems like the one i would want to lean towards - because of their axle system. Solaris and Avalanche both have good reviews also. One post i read, someone has two solaris, but then asked to choose if he can only have one - he choose the avalanche. i think he said he uses the solaris for 5a. And i am only into string tricks.

So i really have to make a tough choice, but i think the code1 is a whole differnt cattegory IMO.

so it comes down to the solaris vs avalanche - i guess because you cant really change their weights etc.

So which one would you guys choose between solaris and avalanche for string tricks?

Im down to that to

I have owned all 3. Solaris I sold at the end of the weekend. AValanche is a solid yoyo and the Best CLYW available IMO. I traded mine for a great trade. but I’m on the hunt for a new one. I got 2 Code 1s I wouldnt trade them for anything.

Between the Code 1 and the Avalanche you need to decide which has more of an appeal to you. that will then choose for you. Either one you would be happy with. Even the Solaris is nice just didnt have the stabilty I like.