Code 1 or Sasquatch

What do you guys think? I need a response quick.

Yoyoexpert Code 1 or John Bot Sasquatch

Well it would help if you told us your preferences… but I have both and they are both amazing throws. The code 1 is somewhat floaty but can also play fast if you want it to. It is also very staable and long spinning. The sasquatch is more of a slower player but if you want it to play faster you have to push it to keep going. It is ssssuuuuuuppppeeeeerrrrrrr stable and long spinning.
Both are great throws it mostly depends if you like H shape throws or V shape throws and if you like slow or floaty and fast. ;D

I don’t know if this helps, but I really like the Protostar and its shape.

One key factor is the color of the yoyo, and I assume the Code 1 yye edition looks sick spinning.

i have heard the jon bot sas looks amazing spinning too. I seem to have more fun with my code1 but when i need extra long time to learn hard tricks then i go right for my sas.

btw dont know if you have heard or not but the rockstar 2012 and the rockstar are both metal protostars. haha ;D

Yeah, but I’ve heard that the sas and code 1 were really good.

Any idea how yye code 1 looks spinning?

Is the code 1 a lot like the dietz?

not really, the code 1 is a lot bigger.
I would recommend the code one if you like big yoyos, the deitz if you like small yoyos.

So if I like slowish play, the sasquatch?

The YYE CODE1 is awesome. It looks copper while spinning. Grinds are great too. It plays floaty and fast, but not overwhelmingly fast. But the Sasquatch’s shape is really comfortable; it seems to fill your hands more. It plays solid and stable.

Code 1