Question about the sasquatch

Do the current runs being sold from yoyoexpert have the cool sasquatch foot inscribed on one side?
In the pictures, all that is being shown is the clyw on one side. Besides the Jon Bot, is the Sasquatch foot still on one side? This might make or break my decision. ::), as I think it looks really cool.

Sorry but the ones on yoyoexpert at this time do not have the sasquatch foot. :frowning: Both sides have the C.L.Y.W. letters on both sides. Having this yoyo i will say it still looks nice it looks nice and neat. With or without the engraving this throw is simply amazing! ;D As for the jon bot edition i have no idea.
Either way i say get it. You will absolutely love it ;D

Thanks man, I really appreciate it! ;D

And yeah, I dont think I will let that impact my decision.

Now if only I could choose between it, the Avalanche, and the Code 1… :-[

I found myself in the same position but without the code 1. I chose the sasquatch and am super happy with it. I say choose by play style. The sasquatch plays a bit slower. it is super stable and very long spinning. But it can also be pushed to go fast but you have to keep it going. I now have the code 1 also. It is also floaty with the side effects it comes with. But it can also go fast and seems like it wants to keep going. Also very stable and long spinning. Idk about the code 1 except that it is based for faster speed. All are absolutely great, Either one you wont regret. Hope this helps ;D

The john bot edition has a compass engraved on one side, and the other side has a lightening bolt. I have one and I think the colorway is pretty sweet.

Okay, great. I figure I will just choose whichever has the coolest color available. Thanks again. ;D

I wish that there was a video that would show the yoyos spinning, and what they look like, but I figure the Jon Bot and Code 1 Yoyoexpert editiong both look cool spinning.

Nicholi, What does the Jon Bot look like while spinning? Can you describe it?

This lighting doesnt give it justice, but it looks really cool in the sunlight. Its blue with an orange “glow” to it. It looks pretty sweet.

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That is AWESOME! I might have to drop the avalanche…

Yeah I like it better than the ava. The extra tiny bit of weight makes a difference

Great, thanks a lot for the picture. ;D

That’s what the thank you buttons for. ;D

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Darn it, I always forget that thing! :wink:

Just so Ado and Nicholi know, I just bought a jon bot sasquatch. Pumped. ;D

Awesome man! You’ll like it as long as you like full sized throws. Its great, still is my favorite! Enjoy!